Home Inspection

The home inspection is the heart and soul of  Snedden Inspection Services.  Our thorough inspections are designed to identify material defects in the major components of the home or building.  Our detailed written reports educate our clients on the condition of their future home, protecting both their investment and their family.

Termite Inspection

Termites are insects that consume cellulose that they derive from wood.  These little dudes can cause a lot of damage that is sometimes difficult to detect.  A homeowner oftentimes has no idea there are termites in the home.  We definitely recommend adding a termite inspection to most homes we inspect.

Radon Monitoring

Radon is the gaseous byproduct of decomposing radioactive material, such as uranium.  Radon gas is all around us, typically at levels that are not harmful, but radon can become dangerous when it is trapped inside a building.  The EPA considers radon the second leading cause of lung cancer.  Consider adding a radon test to your inspection.

Mold Testing

We've all seen mold on a piece of bread or a brick of cheese.  But, what you may not know is that there is mold all around you that you can't see.  It's in the very air that you breathe.  A mold inspection from Snedden Inspection Services can provide you with a detailed lab report informing you of what types of mold are present, in what concentration and what the health risks are for each mold specie present.

Water Quality Testing

When you purchase a home, you also buy the water.  If the home you're purchasing is on a private well, a simple lab test can tell you what little critters are living in the water.  We recommend adding a water quality test to any inspection in which the home is on a private well.

Presale Inspections

Have a house for sale?  Getting a pre-sale inspection will add credibility and transparency to your listing.  And, by arming yourself with a thorough inspection before you list your home, you will minimize the surprises in the buyer's contingency period.  Contact us today to schedule your pre-sale inspection!

Commercial Building Inspections

Investing in the right building for your business is important.  You work hard to find a building with the right look, the right size, and the perfect location.  Your next step is to have it inspected.  Let Snedden Inspection Services help you get started on the right foot!  Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Next Steps...

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