Our Approach

"Ipsa scientia potestas est" (Knowledge is power), Sir Francis Bacon.

Not only did Sir Francis have a great last name, he also knew that, when armed with knowledge, one has the ability to make the kind of informed decisions that lead to prosperity and security.  At Snedden Inspection Services, we take this approach with every inspection.  We seek to illuminate for our clients the material defects in the major components of the building they are purchasing, which brings them protection for their investments and most importantly, safety for their families.

And that is our focus...to make your family's safety our first priority.

Our Story

Snedden Inspection Services was founded in 2007 by Certified Inspector, Ron Snedden.  After he left the rat race of performing home inspections in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, Ron quickly made his mark in the West Central Missouri inspection industry by delivering the same quality inspections on simple farm houses as was expected of him on multi-million dollar celebrity homes in L.A.

Today, Snedden Inspection Services is owned and operated by InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector, Dana Borglum.  Born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska, Dana has over two decades of experience building to some of the highest standards in the nation.  As such, He is dedicated to the same quality inspections as his predecessor, and is committed to extensive continuing education.

Meet the Team

These are the great people that make Snedden Inspection Services the best inspection company in West Central Missouri...possibly the world.

Dana Borglum

Owner/Certified Professional Inspector

Dana is an InterNACHI certified inspector with over 20 years of experience in various construction trades.  He once chased a bear up a tree.  Ask him about it.  Don't ask Connie, though...she tells it wrong.

Ron Snedden

Certified Inspector/Consultant/Superhero

The big man, himself!  Ron has 13 years of experience inspecting everything from 500 square foot condos to ginormous celebrity mansions.  When he's not inspecting homes, you can usually find Ron anywhere he can fit his camper.

Connie Borglum

Office Administrator/Organizational Genius

Connie is the engine that keeps this bus drivin'.  She's also a dedicated mother of three, wife to Dana, and a beekeeper.

Karl Borglum

Inspector/All Around Great Guy

Karl has over 35 years of experience in appraisals and inspections.  A pretty handy guy, Karl has hand built two ocean trawlers in his life.  They both floated.

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